Birth in action

The video below shows a natural, un-medicated birth!  You can also watch me in action, as I apply acupressure techniques during the contractions. The birthing tub is a good tool to use, as well, to help lessen the intensity of the pain.

Too often labor is viewed as a fearful time, and with a lack of confidence, may lead to unnecessary interventions.  Hiring a doula positively affects the birth experience.  A doula can decrease the length of a woman’s labor, the use of Pitocin, the need for pain medication, the occurrence of a Cesarean birth, forceps and vacuum deliveries.

The verbal encouragement as well as many “feel good” strategies for physical comfort to help the Mom relax is important in aiding a positive birth experience.


Doula lessens stress on Fathers:

This can be a scary time for Dad, and can be stressful when he is the only support person. It is comforting for him to know he has an extra set of hands.  A Doula helps to engage Dad’s in the birth process by using comfort techniques to help his birth partner through her contractions.  They also take the pressure off by relieving him for short breaks, knowing that Mom will still have a caring support person with her. Dad’s and Doula’s make a great team!


Reduction in Cesarean Rate


Reduction in Pain Medicine


Reduction in Oxytocin Use


Reduction in Epidural Requests


Shorter Labor


Reduction in Forceps Delivery